We buy all ferrous and non ferrous water meters

There are all different size water meters and as long as they have some type of metal whether it be brass or steel we are looking to buy it. Any questions on pricing, how to prepare, or just more inquisitive about brass water meters please ask.

Sell Us Your Water Meters - Brass Water Meters - International Rec

International Rec can be anywhere in the United States in two days time.

Brass water meters are generally a staple in most houses or business buildings whether you realize it or not. The meters will help read how much water is consumed onsite and will allow the town, boro, or local municipality to charge you for the water that is consumed and used at your location. Most people do not know that the town, not the individual or business owner, owns the water meter and that is why the meters are sold in large job lots or batches when they are being scrapped.

International Rec buys residential and commercial water meters, Clean Brass among other materials. We Pick Up And Pay On The Spot! Top Prices Guaranteed!. The water meters purchased by International Recovery are meant to be sold for scrap.

As a nationwide company, International Rec would like to give you a formal bid on purchasing your used surplus meters. We buy all types of meters including: Sensus Water Meters, Sensus II, American Water Meters, Badger, Elster Water Meters and Rockwell water meters among other brands. Serving all 50 states, we are ready to come onsite today, We pay in cash, money order, or cashiers check, guaranteed, we will offer more cash for your inventory than any of your local buyers and once we purchase the items from you, our services include handling and hauling of the meters. We’ll come to your site and load the water meters ourselves.

Useful Facts:

  • A water meter is a device used to measure the volume of water usage.
  • Hot water meters are designed with special materials such as brass copper.
  • Scrap water meter shall include copper content 65% upper.

We Service All 50 States

By doing business with us, you are guaranteed the best return on all your surplus equipment. We purchase, liquidate, and auction surplus equipment for companies in North America. We are happy to deal and meet with you directly. To sell equipment please contact our Purchasing Department Call Adam :281-508-0291 or Call Jasmine:713-518-6697

Got Valves? Contact us to liquidate your valves today. Adam our valve buyer is ready to come onsite today. You can also contact Jasmin our Office Manager at (713) 518 – 6697 or for more information visit our Surplus Valve Buyers website at www.surplusvalvebuyers.com

International Rec provides industrial services to a wide variety of industry and organizations. Mainly focused on asset recovery and demolition we also provide short term liquidation, inspection, and investment recovery solutions to organizations looking to outsource management of these projects. While the United States is the primary source of business International Rec has contracted Globally.