Film Recycling

film recycling imageFilm Recycling Services

  • Hipaa Compliant
  • Destruction Certificates
  • Cash Back

We work with you from compliance to packaging.

Types of film recycled

  • Medical Films including X-ray, MRI, dental, and chiropractic films.
  • Photographic Films including , documentary,  short films, and educational.
  • NDT Inspection Films including industrial, castings, and dry-view.

International Rec has been recycling scrap film for over 15 years. We are Hipaa Compliant, and can provide you with destruction certificates if you are a medical provider.

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Film Disposal

  1. Destruction/Shredding- All film is shredded at least two times.
  2. Separation/Wash- Your film is then sprayed with a solution to separate silver materials.
  3. Dried- Once washed the remaining remnants of film and waste are dried.
  4. Pressed- Once film is washed it is then pressed to produce silver flake/sludge.
  5. Incineration- The last step is to melt the flake and sludge into silver bullion.

When your film arrives at International Rec the recycling process begins. Your film is shredded multiple times before the silver is able to be recovered. Once shredded into fragments we begin to wash your film to separate any silver bearing materials. Afterwards, the film and silver bearing materials are pressed into silver flake and sludge.

Question: Should my company receive money for our scrap film?

Answer: Yes (most of the time)

Yes, you should receive payment if you are recycling films with silver bearing material like x-rays, litho film, and industrial films. To see much profit you would need a minimum of 300-400 pounds. It is better to save your used film until you have enough to make it worth it.

Can you perform purging services at my business?

Answer: Yes, our team is experienced and ready to lead your project anywhere in North America.

What determines the value of my film?

Answer: The films value is based off the current silver market. However, when selling used film other things can factor in actual value.

What can I do to maximize my profits on my film?

Answer: To increase the return on your film make sure you remove the paper and envelopes that encase the films. This is sometimes a tedious project,especially with large amounts of film, but if you are seeking maximum returns this is the best solution.

Recyclable Films and Services

  • X-ray Film Recycling

International Rec provides xray film recycling for medical providers needing a safe and reliable service provider. We offer purging, destruction certificates, and Hipaa Compliance upon requests. And, for larger quantities of x ray film we will pay for the silver we extract.

As x-ray film recyclers we work with you 100% of the way from shipping to packaging.

  • Litho Film Recycling

Companies producing litho film and litho plates can profit from our litho film recycling programs. We pick up on-site or handle all shipping arrangements. We can also provide you with recycling options for your toner cartridges.

When your films are recycled with International Rec we guarantee proper disposal and higher returns.

While film recycling can be, profitable, it is better to know it is done right. As scrap film recyclers we benefit by returning as much material back into the market as possible.