Here at InternationalRec we purchase all scrap copper such as bare bright, #1 copper and #2 copper. If the material is contaminated with other metals and can be cut easily, we will remove the other metals and buy the material as #1 copper. This means more money for our customers.

Our scrap copper buying rates are highly competitive.

We buy and sell copper wire, aluminum copper radiators, copper no.1, copper burnt, turnings, shavings, plumbing, piping, handles, roofs, siding, and any other copper structures.

We welcome big ad small businesses to sell their scrap copper to the best scrap copper buyers nationwide, us!

we purchase all varieties of non-ferrous scrap metals including and not limited to insulated copper wire, copper tubing, auto radiators, air condition coils, brass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and high temperature alloys are just a few of the many non-ferrous scrap metal items we recycle.We buy most of metals scrap, so if you have any other scrap metal, we will buy it!

Whether you are an individual or a large corporation recycling (buying or selling) scrap copper metals, you would find that we provide the better prices

Call (281)508-0291 to speak to our scrap copper buyers today!

We guarantee you the best service nationwide.

International Rec Copper and Metal Buyers

International Rec provides industrial services to a wide variety of industry and organizations. Mainly focused on asset recovery and demolition we also provide short term liquidation, inspection, and investment recovery solutions to organizations looking to outsource management of these projects. While the United States is the primary source of business International Rec has contracted Globally.